Hi There....  Welcome
My name is Donna,  this blog is all about me, well maybe not so much about me more my passion(s) - for all things creative... both digitally and handcrafted pieces and last but not least resin and my journey within it.
I want to share what I have learned and are still learning, digital, mixed media and food. 

I have been working with resin for nearing on 10 years.  I started pouring over my images initially but a few years ago I started experimenting with resin and mediums of colour, more recently working with the dimensions of resin. 

When it comes to the digital side of my work have been creating for near on 15 years, started in a program called Satori photo, moved on to photoshop 5.5  boy so much has changed, AI makes such a big difference in photoshop world.  My inspiration when I first started out was Jerry Uelsmann he is a dark room manipulator working in black and white.  Outstanding, just outstanding. 

A lot of my early work was black and white,  I drew colour in from animals.  Did you know a great deal of my earlier work, some still today were animal from NZ..   My "stranded" giraffe was photographed in Auckland. 

Before I started Altered Image Studios, I was a chef, working in Taranaki, Auckland and Sydney