Dreamisphere is my first solo exhibition, being held at JD Reid Gallery here in New Plymouth.

This was a massive space to curate, a real challenge, something I had also never done before.  I am not sure what the square meterage is of the gallery is, but to fill I made two installations and exhibited close to 50 works.


This was the first of my installations a cloud swing, the inspiration for this came from some surreal images that I had recently sold.  It was a big task and so much fun to make.  It was made of expanding foam, with a length of timber inside to which nylon was attached.  How many tins of foam... maybe 8.  The outside, the fluffiness of it was dacron (cushion filling).


This was the next installation piece I made also inspired by one (a series really) of images.  Little Red Umbrella.  The bath was made from a mould of a friends bath with casting plaster, which I then moved its fragile self to my studio continued shaping and adding layers. Then with the help of another friend we moved it to the gallery.  The things I ask my friends to do ...

11 October 2017