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Love mixed media?

Then you have come to the right place.  Donna has a studio full of glorious stuff, all useful naturally.  

Donna's workshops range from learning to work with resin, working with casting plaster, collage, decoupage, mould making, to assemblage.

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In this workshop, you will decorate and finish with resin six items.  $25 per person

Resin Workshop

My Assemblage Box Workshop
My Assemblage Box Workshop
my assemblage box workshop
my assemblage box workshop
Escape midnight
Created: 2019-02-01 / Modified: 2019-02-25
my assemblage box workshop   (ID: 28)

In this unique workshop, Donna will take you into the world of Assemblage Art, where there are infinite options for art pieces and no one object is ever is ever what it seems.

Create an original piece of artwork.  The Assemblage technique utilises found objects with new pieces to create a new story.  You decide what it says by the objects you choose from your kit.  Create a shrine, or a story or an abstract piece - the possibilities are endless!  Donna supplies all the tools and attachments and helps you organize all your objects into a beautiful composition.


Boxes and some objects are available for sale.


In short:

What you need to bring:

A craft kit if you have particular tools and colours you prefer to use, but Donna will generally supply everything

If there is a piece that you have already sourced and would like to bring it - go for it

Snack if you have any special dietary requirements, Donna will supply a grazing platter of yummy food and a glass of bubbles


You will create and assemblage art piece from a mystery box


The mystery box is tin (biscuit tin generally)


There will be over 25 items covering a range of products


Material - Lace - ribbon - toys - papers - metal - wire - jewellery - wood - ornaments -office supplies - doll parts - kitchen objects - art materials - boxes - bottles

Any questions email Donna