Wood Rounds decoration

What is in your “MY CRAFT KIT”


  • Small branch rounds x 6
  • MDF block x 1
  • Large Pegs (Magnetic) x 2
  • Medium Pegs x4
  • A4 Image transfer sheets x 2
  • 12 Quotes of Chrismas
  • String
  • White Paint

  • Varnish 5ml
  • Sandpaper




What you need to supply.

  • Spoon
  • Paint – if you want to use other than white
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Brushes (1 for paint and 1 for Varnish)





IMPORTANT - be careful when handling prints as it will wipe off the

surface of the paper very easily


  1. Paint (2 coats) on the mini clipboard and as many or a few as you like of the magnetic pegs.

  2. Sand all surfaces as a  nice smooth surface is much easier to work with than trying to push the image into cracks of an uneven surface.

  3. This technique is the same for all the products in the kit (painted or unpainted)

  4. Place image transfer face down on the surface.

  5. Iron on with warm to hot iron, you will see a change in the transfer as the ink leaves the paper and is printed on the base product.

  6. This can also be done with the back of a spoon instead of ironing (burnishing).

  7. Add more designs if you want to build up multiple layers and varnish



Mini Clipboard


  1. Image transfer the image to the mini clipboard
  2. Varnish
  3. Glue the magnet to the reverse of the clipboard.
  4. Trim the 12 quotes of Christmas along the dashed cut lines to fit the mini clipboard or use one of the magnetic pegs to display on the fridge or any metal board