Stamp making

Updated 2019

Years ago when I was living in Auckland I went to a creative class how to make my own stamps.  These are not them, but I do have them somewhere.   I needed a stamp recently, so I hunted out some kids rubbers and made my own.


  • Trace or draw  the desired shape on the rubber

  • Cut around the outline with a craft knife

  • Cut a grid pattern around the desired shape

  • Run craft knife along the side, undercutting the grid pattern, released pieces with fall away.

  • Tidy up the pieces of rubber which the grid pattern did not release.


So that was how I did it back in 2014, this year I made my own rubber mix (see below for details) very easy I assure you. 




gallery/20190714_162640 (small)
gallery/20190116_100532 (medium)

The original item on the left in both pictures is a wood torso, this was used to indent the thin sheet of red sponge (I bought, from a variety store $3 for 10 sheets).  Then I inked and marked the outline on the homemade rubber and remove the rubber I did want.  I did not really have the best tools, I could have done with a fine lino cutter but they kind of did the trick you get the idea..





Rubber Mould recipe

1 tube of silicon (I use parfix brand)

old bowl

cornflour starch

colour optional



  • You don't need to use the whole tube,  just little  (to start half a handful)
  • wearing gloves start adding and mixing in the cornflour, it will get to a stage where it is not so sticky and you can take the gloves of and keep adding cornflour until it releases without sticking if you push something into it.



9th March 2014

12th Jan 2019