Stamp Making



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Our Instructions give you a clear outline on how to complete the project, but also give a degree a freedom to let you put your own unique style on the finished piece.



DIY kit to make your own handmade rubber stamps. It's very easy and a lot of fun to make your own custom stamps with this DIY kit. You will find all the materials you need in the box and a step by step tutorial with pictures and access to video tutorials are included to guide you in the create the endeavour. You will make stamps from drawings or illustrations you have made, you can use a logo or an existing image, the possibilities are endless,  I have encluded transfers in the kit to get you started!


The kit contains the following:


Enough product to make

2 rubber stamps

2 lino stamps

1 wood cut print block

2 foam block stamps (extra foam)



Full instructions, written &  photos and a link to video tutorials  See More