stamp making

Kit Includes:

  • Ink (water-based) 5g

  • Rubber Cutting Base x 2

  • Ink Mat x 1

  • Wood Base Cutting Base x1

  • Carving Tools  x (1 handle 5 tools)

  • Foam Sheet Base 1 x 3

  • Brayer (Roller) x 1

  • Transfer Paper x 2 sheets

  • Soft Lino Cutting Base x 1

  • Wood Blocks x 2

In this stamp making starter kit, I have included 4 different bases for you to try wood, lino, rubber, and foam.    The first 3 are bases for carving and the 4th foam being perhaps the easiest of all, and suitable for children is more of a pressure-based stamp.


You need to supply


  • Glue Stick

  • Pencil

  • Scissors



This base offers two options


Draw or transfer shape or image on to foam

-Solid shapes like letters and hearts etc work well for this method (also can be pre-bought, emporiums, $2and more, Everything $2 and The Warehouse)

This method is not limited to cut shapes left as is.  The beauty of foam is it takes pressure well and this will leave indentations as can be seen with my torso stamp.  This method will create a fuller more blackened image, pretty much the opposite of carving.  In this method, the indentations will create the negative (not inked) space.  So, most of the image will be inked.


Cut the shapes out and like glue to the block with your transfer image on the top layer

With blunt-ish pencil run it down the lines you would like as the negative space (not inked) With this type of stamp I would go over the indentations every few uses.  It will be ok to wash up water also, but please remember to pat dry. 


If you lay a stencil over your foam shape and add pressure to the plastic area of the stencil, pushing the foam through the cut-out of the stencil.  This will give your foam cut-out shape design and texture depth.


Wood – Hard

Lino – Medium

Rubber - Soft

  1. Draw or transfer image  (tracing paper) on to the block you want to start with,  I would suggest the rubbers as it is the softest base and perhaps the easiest to carve.  Don’t choose anything to detailed and start small.  For example:   Apple, Cupcake, Leaf, house, cloud, smiley face, random lines and swirls.
  2. The carving tool set has five different blades/gouges. Start with the smallest to get the finer details carver out. Then move on to a bigger gouge.  Take your time and don’t rush.
  3. Once this is done roll out a little ink (see photo’s) roll to warm up a little it will spead easier.
  4. Roll over you stamp ensuring it is covered
  5. Press on to paper
  6. If you have any stray ink lines, continue cutting away until you are happy.