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Nightfall resin piece

Ocean hues - Nightfall


Our stunning ocean blues resin art features a range of shades taken from turquoise, blues, and teals. These matching yet distinctive hues pair up perfectly to bring forward a stunning design that will leave you speechless. The more you look the more in love you will fall with this stunning ocean blues resin piece. As it will remind you of the ocean, and take you back to fresh air, miles of gorgeous blue sea, an ideal state of peace. Additionally, the art piece is created with a spectacular touch, if you keep looking long enough you will be able to spot the appearance of land.


With this spectacular ocean blues resin wall art, you will be able to add a touch of life and colour to your boring and plan walls. Its round shape allows you to create a sense of a looking glass that speaks towards what you hold deep in your heart.

- Weight: 3kg.

- Size: 800mm.

- Framed:



Donna has been working with resin for near on 10 years and is completely addicted to its shine, versatility but most of all the way different colour mediums react with it.  In her coloured resin pieces some she leaves to the resin to flow and do its magic blending and interlacing the different colours, in other pieces Donna manipulates the resin to achieve the finished look she has in mind

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