Decorated Matchbox

What is in your “MY CRAFT KIT”


  • Air-dried Clay 150g
  • Matchbox & Woodblock x 1
  • Storage Container
  • Embellishments & Serviettes x 2
  • Roller & Rolling Mat (150mm x 200mm) x 1
  • Gloves 1 pair
  • Non-stick paper (fits rolling matt) x 2
  • Paint – Varnish – Glue 5g of each


What you need to supply.

  • Brushes
  • Paint – colours for imprint finish
  • Craft Knife
  • Rags




  1. Roll out Jovi clay to 2 or 3mm thick, enough to cover the front of the back.

  2. Remove match tray from box and insert woodblock

  3. Glue one side of the matchbox, a nice thin layer as we don’t want the glue running down the side over the strike strip.

  4. Place the rolled clay onto the glued side of the box,

  5. With a craft knife trim along the edges

  6. Now blend the edge with your finger, being careful not to cover strike strip with clay

  7. Texture with stamps or other methods, and trim again.

  8. Leave to dry




  1. Choose the paint colour or the colours

  2. Have a brush, wet rags, dry rags ready to use.

  3. Brush in colour into your textured finish.

  4. Wipe off excess paint with a wet rag

  5. Wipe off excess paint with a dry rag using a clean part of the rag

  6. Leave to dry

  7. Once dry varnish.





  1. Paint white

  2. Ripe out the size of tissue for your shape, or small pieces as I do in this video

  3. Add a thin layer of PVA glue on the white-painted side of the decoration

  4. Lay the tissue gently over the glued side, with the PVA brush (not too much PVA)... from the centre to the outer edge.  Brushing out the wrinkles. Again gently gently,   as once the tissue is wet it is going to be easily ripped...

  5.  Leave to dry

  6. Varnish both sides

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