Pouring resin on to Canvas

I often hear horror stories, well maybe not horror stories as such but bad experiences with resin...  Personally, I think resin is one of those products you either love or hate...  I loved it the first time and have never looked back.  Sure I have made lots of mistakes but I think that is helpful in understanding a product.  My advice with resin is to start small and work up... and practice with it first...  Learn about your product!!   I have just made a quick video on the basic of pouring resin.  I have not really done videos before so I hope this is ok, feel free to ask any questions.
A couple of things I forgot to mention... 

Methylated Spirits will break the resin down the resin for cleaning hands and spills. (not so good with getting it out off fabric and fibres)

The working time of resin does vary, this 2-1 is about 25-30 minutes after that time you will see where you have added more resin.

Always scrape down the sides of your container when mixing.

There is probably heaps more I could say but that will do for now ... as I said above feel free to ask questions...


28 August 2016