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Donna's range of Home Décor offers a unique and generally handmade range of homeware gifts and artwork, quality and individuality is what you will find online or in-studio.


There’s always something new to see and buy her! Searching for a piece of art to match your décor? Take a look at Donna's range of custom prints and tasteful hangings. Our artistic selection is chosen for colour, creativity and taste; each piece is a head-turning inspiration you’ll be sure to love.

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Sea Of Dreams - Geometric
Created: 2019-02-02 / Modified: 2019-02-06
Sea of Dreams   (ID: 30)
Home Decor

Sea of Dreams

From my Dandelion Series. A series where Dandelions grow as big as trees and their seeds can carry you in the slightest of breeze. A Kotare watches over a rowboat in an ocean of dreams


Limited edition 100

Each print comes numbered and signed.

Digital Print on high-quality 230gsm card