Fantail peppercorn

The lastest addition to my New Zealand Bird series.

The Landing framed

The landing

The Landing is a layover island floats just a glimpse from view in the depths of our skies vastness.  The castle walls shelter the most amazing garden its flora and fauna exquisite, its waterways tranquil and refreshing.   Please take the time, stay while experience what the landing has to offer you,  imagine it!


Surreal Digital Fine Art Prints

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Created: 2017-11-10 / Modified: 2019-01-31
Stranded   (ID: 4)
Fine Art Prints

A Giraffe, a rowboat and a rock, this big guy is stranded. 

Additionally, this limited edition piece is a one of a kind wall art piece that comes with a signed letter of authenticity. So you can rest assured that you are adding a unique and one of a kind wall poster to your home or office space.

Limited Edition 6/9

- Size: 445x608mm.

- Edges: 5mm (White).

- Material: Vibrance Photo Luster 280gsm.

Each print comes with a signed letter of authenticity

Framing options + $215

White photo frame

Large modern square style frame

Print Size: 456 x 608mm

Frame Size: 530 x 700mm

Colour: White Gloss

Paper: Vibrance Photo Matt

Weight: 280GSM