unicorn - Casting Plaster

What is in your “MY CRAFT KIT”


  • Casting Plaster 200g

    Unicorn Mold x 3

    Storage Container – Mixing Container

    Mat (150mm x 200mm) x 1

    Stirrer 2

    Gloves 1 pair

    White Paint – Pink Paint






What you need to supply.

  • Brushes
  • Paint
  • Scales
  • Rags




  • Weigh out 60g water add 100g of casting plaster
  • Let sit for 2 minutes seconds then stir.
  • Pour into the mould when it is the consistency of thick yoghurt, gently tap the mould or wiggle the matt it is sitting on this will remove the air bubbles and level the plaster out.
  • Place wire in the back
  • Work time of this product is 10-15min
  • Leave for 2h to dry and cure
  • When set, run a knife along the back edge of the big mould removing any plaster that will be holding it in place. Gently work your way around the edge pulling away from the mould from the plaster little by little until the mould releases the plaster easily.  With the small unicorns, they will release from their mould more readily, the horn will generally always break, just ..get your craft knife and shape way and the remainder of the horn and the ears kind of look like a horn.
  • Paint the hearts white and when pink or a colour of your choice
  • Leave to dry
  • Hang




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