heart - Casting Plaster

What is in your “MY CRAFT KIT”


  • Casting Plaster 200g

    Heart Mold

    Small Plaster Hearts

    Storage Container – Mixing Container

    Mat (150mm x 200mm) x 1


    Stirrer 2

    Gloves 1 pair

    White Paint -  Glue – Varnish






What you need to supply.

  • Brushes
  • Paint
  • Scales
  • Rags




  1. Weigh out 50g water add 80g of casting plaster
  2. Let sit for 2 minutes seconds then stir.
  3. Pour into the mould when it is the consistency of thick yoghurt, gently tap the mould or wiggle the matt it is sitting on this will remove air bubbles.
  4. if you want a hollow back glad wrap one of the small hearts and push in
  5. Remove heart when is plaster is starting to cure add the wire to the back for hanging and smooth out the back if desired
  6. Work time of this product is 10-15min
  7. Leave for 2h to dry and cure
  8. When set, turn shape with plaster upside down and gently tap the mould it should drop out. (if not with a craft knife remove some of the plaster along the back edge that might be holding it the mould.
  9. Paint the hearts white (for the tissue side) the rest can be any colour up to you.
  10. Rip out the size of tissue for your shape, or just around the print you want, the white of the tissue will be almost invisible on the white paint, only the colour will show.
  11. Add a thin layer of PVA glue on the front painted (white) side of the heart
  12. Lay the tissue gently over the glued side, with the PVA brush (not too much PVA)... from the center to the outer edge.  Brushing out the wrinkles. Again gently gently,   as once the tissue is wet it is going to be easily ripped...
  13. Leave to dry
  14. Varnish both sides
  15. Hang




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